Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby goirish2012 » January 2nd, 2012, 9:25 pm

My offense is very simple but affective...


21/22 Trap
33/34 Lead
35/36 Power - 35/36 Power O - 35/36 Power G
35/36 Counter
38/39 Toss
33/34 Zone
38/39 Stretch

I run all these out of different formations. We add more than this but we run this as a base. We get real good at this first. We have a Blast Play and a few other runs as well. Just depends on our opponent that week...


50 Pass
51 Pass
52 Pass
63 Pass
64 Pass
65 Pass
And we add our 70 and 80 Series off that. 70 Sprint Left and 80 Sprint Right.

35/36 Counter Pass
Zone/Stretch Pass
Power Pass
Screens and Tunnel Passes

And we build our deep routes off these base routes. We also have tag routes to add to the mix.

Again we can run all these base routes off different formations. So it all looks like we have more than we do but it's really all the same.

The bottom line is you still have to know what to call and when... And you need to have it all in your system. I can go deep as well as short. When you sit on my short routes I will kill you over the top.

Kelly has no short game so opposing defenses don't have to worry about it. DB's can sit at 8 yards with plenty of help over the top. But yet Kelly wants to blame the QB position... Heck give the QB an offense where he has half a chance!!!

Didn't we have a pretty good NFL QB's son going to Notre Dame? Wonder why he left? I know for a fact we had a few TOP QB's out of high school looking but they didn't quite pan out... Wonder why? Let me answer that with what I think. I actually know one of them... The system Kelly runs will not help their child in college. Reese isn't a bad QB. The problem is he has to buy time for all these crazy routes they run. This kid needs to drop and throw. Run good crisp timing routes. 3 steps get it out - 5 steps get it out... Add in your counter/boot passes and we will roll!!! He ends up throwing it up for grabs and our talented WR go up and get it. SOMETIMES...
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby coachcft » January 3rd, 2012, 3:15 am


Bootlegs. I agree that it doesnt need to be a burner of a QB(although it helps). I used to cheat by tight splitting the weakside G and T, invite the DEnd in for the fake Iso/boot and then cut him. This gave the QB a bit extra time to get wide. But boy does it help if you have a bit of speed on the QB so he's a threat to run as well. I dont blame Kelly for not doing it with Rees, but I do feel it was an opportunity lost with Crist or Hendrix.

The main reason Im writng this is to give you props for underscoring the main role of Head Coach during games. Shoulder the load when times are bad, give em the credit when times are good. He isnt bad at #2, but I feel that he loses credibility with #1 that the players aren feelin the sincerity when credit is given. For instance, watch the "post-gane celebration" videos on They seem, dull, not personal. His pre-game speeches are also. Never goes to anecdote or singles out guys with a detail only a coach would know. And to further applaud your comment, when was the last time Kelly has APPLAUDED the Defense coming off the field for "holding them to a FG" or the Offense after a 3 first down, 43 yard drive that simply stalled at their 40, when the guys need a boost. Its just not in his DNA, which is just so unfortuante.

Quick funny story. A coach buddy of mine asks me to come to his game. He asks for a favor that I help on the chain gang for the frosh game B4 Varisty. The coach of Frosh was minimum 70 yrs old, brought up on single wing, etc etc... His team has 1st and goal on the 8. Three plays later, its 4th and goal on the 3. He's down like 6 or 8(cant remember) early in the 4th Quarter. He sends in the play. Play clock is moving, QB screams both ways and I think what coach says "Is he audibling?" And what does he audible into you ask?? A DRAW!! :) Obvious loss of 2-3 yards, smothered by 4 jelly donut eating 14 year olds. QB jogs towards sideline, met by the coach almost halfway and hears "You idiot! Now everybody in the stands thinks that I CALLED THAT!"

Kellys Dad maybe?
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby goirish2012 » January 4th, 2012, 2:26 pm

LOL - Kelly's father would be a good guess...

Your players have to want to play for you period. And part of building that trust is letting them know you will take all the heat for them and support them when things are tough. And you also need to show you know what your doing out there as a coach. No problem showing some guts to go for it on 4th down sometimes - But if it fails take the damn blame. Don't show up a player... You should have coached him up better if he made the wrong decision on the play!!!

Build a system that works for your players... What I mean by that is if you have a great O-Line and solid backs then run the ball 70% of the time if not more. And if your system is pass then you better go get players to fit your system. But until then use what you have and use it right. Your a head coach at a division 1 school. You should know how to coach it all...

USE THE TALENT WE HAVE!!! And our talent this year needed the ball in their hands quickly and good things would have taken place...

Kelly killed us - PERIOD!!!
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby coachcft » January 4th, 2012, 9:30 pm

2012, Im not sure how old you are, but us 1980-2000 grads, point to Lou Holtz alot for obvious reasons. When Lou got there, he had Steve Buerelein as his QB. He did a few things:

1) he whopped him into shape and Beurelein attributes Holtz for giving him a pro career(which lasted like 15 years)
2) he did what you just said. He worked with what he had in a "temporary system" while guys like Tony Rice, Dean Brown, Anthony Johnson waited a bit in the wings for the following year and the option to take hold. We were 5-6 that year, but 5 of the losses were by a total of 15 points, including taking Michigan #3 to a missed FG in the closing seconds, #1 PSU to 1st and goal at the 6 yd line down 5 pts. under a minute to play, LSU #11 by 6 in Baton Rouge, etc etc... he didn't bitch about them not being "his guys" ever. Maybe because he felt so truly blessed to BE at ND to begin with and knew he could make anyone work somehow.
3) he credited early and often who came before him, Gerry Faust. I was a good friend of Steve Faust who was in my class. Obviously Steve had a bit of a bitter taste in his mouth for his Pop's era, but he was so classy, just like his Dad, who LOVED ND. I'll forever remember when Lou addressed the Junior class at Junior Parents Weekend at the dinner in a hilarious speech. But before he began too much, he gave a wonderful and praiseworthy introduction to GErry Faust who was there obviously sitting with his wife and Steve.

He has obvioulsy failed at #1(Crist), #2, and #3 as he bashed Weis every chance he gets in a not so subtle way. Its a character thing.

Look at Brady Hoke(I've been saying this BTW since RIGHT AFTER our game with them). His manner of handling things calmly, he's lovable, he allows his coaches to coach. And even though Al Borges is a traditional Offense kinda guy, they have their "temporary system" utilizing Robinson and Co. as they phase in what they will do in the long run. No wonder he has great Karma. And on a personal note (and Im truly a bit hesitant saying this in a public forum but I dont have your personal email b/c I dont want it to come off arrogant), the kicker of last night's UM game is Brendan Gibbons(who was actualy interviewed after the game winning FG). Well, about 6 years ago he was an all area Soccer player and I taught his older brother Sean in Alg II. Bren came out for football and I worked with him as a kicker, hoping to find gold in his left leg teaching him the timing of the steps(which BTW he F'ed up last night! :) and how to kickoff and even punt bla bla bla. I keep in touch with him and his brothers over the years, a younger one who also played hoops for me at the same school. Last year under Rich Rod, Brendan did horribly, 1 of 5 on the year. PLus they never kicked when it was more than 40 yds(BRendan can reach from 60) I was worried he'd be buried there after that. I spoke to his younger bro at the start of the year and asked him what the outlook was for 2011 and he said "No, Coach, dont worry, its all good, he's gonna have a great year, he really likes the new coach, all the guys do."

Go figure.
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby coach_kelly » January 5th, 2012, 2:37 am

A high school algebra teacher.

Who coaches high school football.

This explains a lot.

Those who can - do, those who can't teach algebra in high school? Omfg you can't write this shit any better! No wonder you're trying to scrounge money by betting strangers online, you're a fucking teacher. Sorry to spoil your golden Gibbons moment, but that is fucking hilarious. Truly hilarious. I know, next thing is that the guy at Jiffy Lube will want to offer Lamborghini advice on building cars? Rolflmao....
Brian Kelly is rebuilding Notre Dame. Charlie Weis almost destroyed Notre Dame. Once you remember these facts, the rest is petty bullshit.
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby goirish2012 » January 5th, 2012, 3:16 am

COACHCFT - These conversations are what these sites need from time to time. I am 47 years old and been watching Notre Dame football before that. Old tapes...LOL... I love what Lou did at Notre Dame. A very classy guy. I am friends with Jay Gruden of the Bengals and when the Notre Dame job came up I told him to get his brother for us...LOL - Jay was the Orlando Predators coach at the time and then he went to the Florida Tuskers. But he was under contract with Tampa Bay still from what I understood. I think John Gruden would be a perfect fit for Notre Dame. Kids will come to Notre Dame just because he is there. And his knowledge of the game will do wonders here for our program. Notre Dame needs to give him the world before another NFL job gets him...


I love to hear about your football stories. Great stuff... I did some work with the Predators and Tuskers in Orlando a few years back and I am also the head coach of a minor league professional football team in the Orlando area. We won the championship in 1995,2008,2009,2010 and lost the championship game 56-50 in 2011... we also lost championship games in 1997,2001,2003,2004,2006... We have been ranked in the top 10 nationally since 2008. Number 1 2009 and 2010... Our offense averaged over 500 yards a game for several years. I have had some very exposive players in the past. Do you remember Tim Raines the baseball player? I have his son and nephew playing for me the last few years... Tony Collins the ex New England Patriot RB played ball for me from time to time as well a few years back and he can also hit a softball a mile. Having great players sure goes a long way...LOL

We have a great coaching staff that is so dedicated to the program. That is huge. All our coaches buy into the program and the players follow suit because they can see we are all on the same page from our girl sounding the horn to change drills to our owner knowing what we are trying to get done each day.

It all starts from day one... The minute you address the press it has to be real and it has to be for the good of the whole program... When you get the chance to coach at Notre Dame you are being given a gift and it's not the other way around...

Great talking real football with you brother. I hope evryone enjoys the real football talk...LOL

Please if any others have some good football stuff (POSITIVE FOOTBALL STUFF PLEASE) join in and let's hear from you...
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby coachcft » January 5th, 2012, 4:23 am

Before we even begin, glad to see you had the strength to ignore our other little friend in here who I only hope is sincere as he has bid us farewell. Obviously he'll be a readin as long as he aint a writin (unless he mans up for a bet).

Funny you menton Gruden. There was definitely a time when he would have come. And I DO still wonder how we could scheme him into the mix. He has stated once, not sure where, that, as a South Bend native, he "lost his virginity while looking at the Golden Dome". HIlarious. I wonder if its actually true, ya know?

Thing is, I do really like Diaco and what our defense is trying to do. I feel that Diaco has picked off the different types of attacks, one by one, and has figured out how to line up and hand out assignments, look for tendencies, etc etc... He had the traditional sets beforehand, has clearly learned how to neutralize the option, while the spread dual threat remained his final frontier(although FSU was hopefully a great preview of improvement). I say this, because I'd like to do a 'lumpectomy' and snatch Kelly, not a 'mastectomy' which takes Diaco, Martin, and Alford. Not to mention, Bob and I's Dad's played softball together for years when we were growing up. :) If you ever get close to him at a game or elsewhere, throw out a "Hey Diaco, nice game, but Im still pissed about your father muffing that routine double play ball to cost THE VILLANS the threepeat in summer of '79!" And surely a smiling head will turn... hahaha

And yes, I remember Timmy Raines of the 'Spos and white sox. He's the original "THE ROCK!" Yes, for sure its nice to have another coach talking in here. Although, similar to what I said before about Pop Warner, I dont think that just b/c someone hasnt coached formally, doesnt mean they dont have quality input. A friend of mine for instance couldnt make a layup in an empty gym, throw a football through a hulahoop 5 ft away, hit a baseball off a tee, but Im not sure if anyone I have ever met INCLUDING IN COACHING can dissect a game in (name your sport here), analyze what a pro franchise needs to implement on its roster, etc etc... He's Tex Winter, Jerry West, Jimmy the Greek, George Carlin and Mike Greenberg wrapped into one. Dude TOTALLY missed his calling and should be sitting next to Mike Golic 6 to 10AM for the ESPN radio show. I say this b/c I agree with you that I hope others can add some anecdote and humor in here.
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby ndtildeath » January 11th, 2012, 1:07 am

Coachcft, is that really true about Gruden? Man, I dont even care, that is hilarious! Maybe we can get that guy. Irish, talk to your friend Jay Gruden and keep him available for the next go round.

And yes, I agree with you two, that other dude in here that wont accept people's direct challenges is a Schwarzenegger girlyman. Either back it up or shut up I say.

And thanks for givin props to us little guy coaches. We dont know what you guys do, but we buy a mean ice cream cone! I help out with my twin boys flag football teams who are 9. They're lovin it although I dont think either are gonna be the next Ronald Darby. But if they do, they wont waver on their commitment, they're IRISH til the end! ;)

Im enjoyngthe banter... KEep it up and lets get a good class in February. :)
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby coachcft » January 11th, 2012, 6:13 pm

Thanks ndtildeath, muh appreciated. And thank you guys for the Flag football coachin, that must be a riot. Seems like yesterday when we donned the flags pre-Pop Warner. And ya never know about those twins and their recruitment, just tell em not to commit too early!

GoIrish2012, maybe you coud use them as double tights in your single back set? :)
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Re: Moron Kelly strikes again!!!

Postby goirish2012 » January 11th, 2012, 11:53 pm

LOL - Funny you talk about Double Tight formation... We play in two weeks down in Miami and they love to run a 5 man front. We worked pretty heavy Tuesday night with this formation. We are going to spread them out across the line and run our 2 back set with 1 WR and run quick hit leads right at them. Our powers should open up off that. And when they bring the safety down we will go up top with our speed burner WR (They have no help over the top) or even hit the quick slant and skinny post. It should open up play action as well. I expect them to move back into a 4-3 pretty fast... Still the bottom line is we must follow our rules up front and get the job done. Win those battles up front good things happen...

Stay with the flag football. It is alot of fun and if your kids plan to play football down the road they will already have a good starting point established. I do feel the earliest you can get them in pads playing tackle football the better. I think it's 5 years old or maybe 6? When they are very little and learn the contact of the game they don't get hurt because they are all padded up and so small and not super fast yet. The open field contact is minimal. Just alot of pushing and wrestling... I love it...LOL - Don't get me wrong now. I see a kid from time to time that can hit some at a young age.

This takes the fear out of hitting and getting hit. But please make sure your Pop Warner coaches are teaching technique the proper way. At the same time they are loosing fear of hitting they can be taught how to hit wrong and when they get bigger those little collisions turn into BIG ones and it could get them hurt bad...

Proper form is critical at the early age of these football kids...

Great stuff guys...
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