Time to reflect, regroup, and move forward

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Time to reflect, regroup, and move forward

Postby ksirish81 » February 2nd, 2012, 1:42 pm

what a miserable day for BK and the recruiting train. Earlier in this string, I mentioned that relying on a single recruiting class to "rebuild" your team is a horrible mistake when the staff has a tough time "coaching up" the current players to the winning program we epxect at ND. Well, we have great recruits- congratulations young men you will get a great education and become part of the ND family which will last your lifetime- The bad thing from yesterday we had about 7-8 too few recruits! You never know if a young man will meet his potential, get hurt, etc.

That leaves us with the 2012 football season. For BK to insure his future - he needs to win 10+ games this year. that will be a very difficult task since we will have a new QB on day one. Tommy Rees may have well transfer if he wants to play. If BK plays Tommy - he needs to be fired on the first snap. I can not believe that a 100 million fans around the world can see that Tommy is inadequate except the guy running the show - maybe he needs a larger screen to watch film. Either Crist or Hendrix would have been a significant upgrade in performance - given the correct plays were called with the players on the field. Weekday coaching shoudl lead to weekend game management. BK has weekend coaching and then weekend national exposure coaching by yelling at the kids.

I believe that BK is a gentleman, honorable, and good person. He is just not prepared to coach at this level at this university. His style and focus does not transfer from Cincinatti to ND. People bring up Grand Valley State - but frankly who cares about GVS at ND?

I wish BK well and many victories this year. he will need them to keep his job and have a banner 2013 recruiting year.
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