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PostPosted: January 11th, 2012, 1:56 pm
by algoldendomer
Apparently, 16-10 is good enough for Jack and the administration. Giving Kelly a two-year extension at this point is worse than giving Weis a huge extension at 5-2. Un-frucking-believable. We now have 5 more years of this bullshit. At least 7 more years in the desert. Heck, ND is going to have been in the desert longer than the Israelites were!

Why, O God, have you forsaken us???

Swarbrick, Jenkins et al should all be shown the door. Unfortunately, the milquetoasts running the BoD and the BoT are all fat and happy. Only by dwindling TV revenues and some non-sellouts will this bunch of idiots wake up.