See You at the Blue and Gold Game

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See You at the Blue and Gold Game

Postby coach_kelly » January 5th, 2012, 3:11 am

Well the year has wound down and we have more building to do at Notre Dame. I bid you a temporary farewell for now. I know you will miss my insight and fact finding abilities. Fear not! I shall check up on you from time to time and do what I do best when someone steps out of line. That's right, coack_kelly will put them right where they belong. Back in the hole of despair they came from.

I have felt the stress this season, dealing with whiners, half wits, pee wee football coaches, and even the occasional know it all algebra teacher. Even though it is a weighted task, i do it with pride. I do it for those who would otherwise be uninformed. Those less fortunate who could suffer from the pain that misinformation can bring. Without guardians like me, the world would still not know about things like reading and mathematics. Those malcontents with their partially developed brains would keep us in caves picking fleas from our armpits. Don't fall for their trap, you know in your heart that the truth is right in front of us. That truth is that Brian Kelly is returning us to glory. Stay strong and Go Irish!
Brian Kelly is rebuilding Notre Dame. Charlie Weis almost destroyed Notre Dame. Once you remember these facts, the rest is petty bullshit.
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Re: See You at the Blue and Gold Game

Postby algoldendomer » January 10th, 2012, 7:46 pm

Question for you -

Obviously 8-5 is good enough for you. Please tell us: what sort of record in 2012 would merit the administration's consideration of replacing Brian Kelly? Or does he have no accountability? Would another 8-5 be pleasing to you? How about 6-6, 6-7 or 7-6? Good enough? What would it take, exactly?

Or are you really just a Kelly fan, and could care less about Notre Dame?
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