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Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: December 30th, 2011, 2:05 am
by ksirish81
1. outcoached AGAIN.
2. can not coach a QB. Rees has no arm, Hendrix is ok, but tends to run first.
3. Defense shoudl be fired for completely going to plan B when plan A worked in the first half.

Brian Kelly will have the standard defeat lines in the press conference. But the real story is that he is overwhelmed in the coaching and ND program. Unfortunate but he must go and hire a proven BIG time coach that can manage the team with good weekday prep and weekend game management.

I am completely tired of the announcers saying that he is "always coaching". when the hell does he manage?

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: December 30th, 2011, 2:24 am
by coachcft
The Defense dialed up a gem in the first half. They did go away from the Blitz which could only be explained by Diaco thinking they were expecting it. But AT LEAST HIS HALF OF THE BALL WORKS SOMETIMES!! Kelly never, I repeat, NEVER outsmarts the opposing D Coord. Did we do anything different than the previous 12 games? Eifert seam, quick hits/outs, Wood/Riddick running wide(which worked VERY WELL tonight and we go away from that B4 making them stop it).

My Questions are:
1) Why do we even play TJ Jones if he never catches a ball? Meaning, he was targeted TWICE tonight. 1 catch 9 yards, 1 drop for a shoulda been 35 yard pickup. Play a 2nd TE, put him in motion for a kickout block and RUN it.

2) How did we offset FSU's predictable Blitzes vs Rees by throwing a screen? Not one screen(tunnel, slip, smoke)

3) Why didnt Kelly play Hendrix after his first drive that should have netted a FG(Ruffer missed)? From the 6minutes mark of the 1st quarter through to halftime, Hendrix sat. Sure, he threw a tough pick in the third quarter, but the kid had some rhythm cookin out there.

For all newcomers (and I assume there'll be more on the way in here), I wish we could pluck him out also, mainly for character reasons (but I like our staff and I think we have great talent) but it aint gonna happen. I am glad though that we havent offered him an extension(funny thing is Jimbo Fisher got one recently, a 2nd year coach) and he will need to EARN his way out of this. If he only wins 8 games next year, my guess is the membership will increase exponentially, the 4th year is set up as his make or break year which will determine if they keep him.

In sum, nothing happened tonight but a short dude's seat just got hotter.

Oh yeah,attention newcomers, beware of the lone water-carrying, insipid coward called coach_kelly. If you say anything that is insightful yet anti-Kelly, he'll likely accuse you of plaguarism(inability to do the same I assume). Funny thing is just a month ago I offered a little wager(monetary or non monetary, his choice) that if we go 2-0 (Stanford and Bowl) he wins, if we split, its a wash and if we go 0-2, I win. Of course he got awfully angry for being held to the fire and avoided the topic.

Whats up coach_kelly??? Hahahahhahahahahahaha

Happy New Year Everyone :)

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: December 30th, 2011, 4:18 pm
by coach_kelly
I didn't get angry. I'm not even angry this morning. I hope whatever bridges you folks select to jump off of this morning serve your purpose. God only knows if you live you'll blame the bridge lol.

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: December 30th, 2011, 8:59 pm
by coachcft
Simply put... 0-2 dude since I made that bet proposition. Good thing you declined the challenge. Put your money where your mouth is being the popular colloquialism. Mom must've mentioned it to you in passing once or twice.

Lets try it this way. Care to wager that we dont eclipse 9 wins next year? And yes, dont worry my little friend, I'll include the bowl game. With all your strong talk and Kelly now having 3/4 classes being "his" players, should fit right into your sweetspot no?

Note: Get ready folks for his "I dont bet... for money... with people" line. (Thats "Caddyshack" bud, wouldnt want an unwarranted plaguarism accusation :)

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 7:25 am
by coach_kelly
You make such bold predictions. It's too bad that most of them are wrong. You also predict your team will lose (like a pussy), it happens, and you are glad? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Go back to Bleacher Report.

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 9:16 pm
by coachcft
Wrong? Dont think so Bud, that'd be you. Actually, it wasnt you, you were the dude with the pacifier on the sideline hiding behind your chevy chase line.

But does this mean you are manning up and you'll take the bet for next year? You can even name what is being wagered. Why dont we start within your budget and just put up your lunch money for a couple weeks? Or did the school bully already relieve you and your buddies of that?

Put up or ... you know :)

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: January 1st, 2012, 6:35 am
by coach_kelly
As clever as you think you are, I only hear crickets. It's a shame too, because it probably hurts your feelings that no one appreciates your humor. :lol:

Let's review your supposed correctness.

coachcft wrote:Kansas is 1-23 in the Big 12 last 3 years. Weis will go minimum .500 next year and contend for teh BCS within 3 years there. He'll also go to a bowl 1st year and send Crist to the Pros while Powlus and Grunhard recruit for him. With Jake Heaps announcing his transfer from BYU yesterday. He's all set at QB for 3 years.

Hilarious. You are a riot. Contend for the BCS... I don't think there is a soul in the world who believes that besides you and Charlie Weis.

coachcft wrote:go on believing that one sucker.... seems like the bait might still be in your mouth... remove it slowly dude, it can be dangerous...but I'll let you back in the water and throw another bloody worm in front of you in a few weeks...

Admitting to trolling - tsk tsk...

coachcft wrote:we're obviously pretty much all still behind this staff

You aren't and never were. You think that jokes about elementary school and internet gambling are cool. I need not say much more.

coachcft wrote:Most successful 5 year coaches are given extensions after their 2nd year(to help with making recruits feel better). Jimbo Fisher(FSU) was one for example.

More lies. Jimbo got worse this year. He went from 10-4 to 9-4. Kelly has been 8-5 both years. Not a huge difference seeing how both didn't go to a BCS bowl.

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: January 1st, 2012, 12:38 pm
by algoldendomer
Look, Dickhead, your cred is completely shot.

Oh, 2011 is so much better than 2010, you said, Not. 2011 was the exact same record against a MUCH easier schedule than 2010. 2011 finished with two bad losses; 2010 with 4 wins.

Oh, you have to close your eyes to the first 9 games of 2010 and look at what Kelly accomplished since then. Um, we just saw more of the same.

Oh, Algoldendomer you pansy, you already predicted ND would lose to FSU 17-13, you said. Um, I'm human, alright? I missed by one on each side.

Oh, wait until Kelly gets rid of all the bad Weis guys and gets his own RKGs, you said. Um, he had far fewer Weis guys and a whole lot more RKGs this year. Result? 8-5 against a FAR easier schedule.

Face it, A$$hole, Kelly is WAY over his head.

Let's take a look at what we have to look forward to - no reliable starting QB, no Michael Floyd (Weis guy - who needs him, right?), likely no Eifert (another worthless Weis guy right?), a completely green defensive backfield (not that they've been coached up very well so far in the Kelly era), a bunch of new OLs. Oh, and a killer schedule. ALGOLDENDOMER'S PREDICTION RIGHT NOW - 6-6.

In his third year, Kelly needs to win at least 10 games to show he knows what the F he's doing. I don't see that happening. Ol' Purple Face will soon be following the RichRod career path.

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: January 1st, 2012, 6:01 pm
by coachcft
1) Fisher was offered an extension, Kelly wasnt(Thank God). Not a lie, do some homework.

2) Accept it, you took the bait. Dont worry, cuts heal, get back in the water.

3) If Kansas will be so bad(especially under Weis), then bet me. Period. If not, I really hope no one has the temerity to respond to anything you say b/c clearly it is a waste of space on the internet.

Actually, let me give you one more chance to see if you are challenge worthy. How about ND spots Kansas 1.5 games and we'll go straight up on Wins for next year including the bowl game. To be clear, if ND wins 2 or more total games than KU, you win. If ND wins only 1 more(or the same or less obviously), I win. I have no problem rooting for both ND and Kansas/Crist/dash of Weis next year. But clearly, with all your anti-Weis anti-Crist talk and pro-Kelly and how ND is world beaters with him, this should be a slam dunk for you. You name the price or what we're betting.

If you do not accept, you are a flat out puss and bag of wind, and not worthy of reading. Kindly let me know with either an acceptance/bet proposition or silence. Mom knows best: Put up or shutup.

Re: Multiple Kelly items

PostPosted: January 1st, 2012, 8:40 pm
by coach_kelly
It looks as though you two have exhausted your arguments. You are left to name calling only and not refuting facts. I love name calling as much as the next guy, but you should try to spread some information that is new and relevant in with it; otherwise it just makes you look petty and juvenile.

Rich Rodriguez is what happens when a program eats itself alive. The Michigan faithful ate their own young in an effort to run a coach out of town. It appears that Brian Kelly will face the same fate because rebuilding isn't a term that either program is allowed to use. The arrogance of both us and Michigan says "fuck you, we're _________ and we don't rebuild shit." The simple fact that remains much the same for both during the Rodriguez/Kelly eras, is that the talent just wasn't there. Dumbasses like coachcft and algoldendomer insist that Notre Dame is what it was 20 years ago. The fact remains that it isn't. The people planted in reality see it, that's why Urban Meyer wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot stick. Nobody wants to rebuild at a major program #2 on the all time win list. It only encourages people to take big shots at you every day of your life. Brian Kelly knew this and came anyways. Because its fucking Notre Dame. If you assclowns don't support your coach, then you aren't a fan in my eyes. You are a bag of wind only capable of mediocrity in your own miserable lives; your desires are to drag everyone down to your miserable existences. Keep being "experts" online at blowing wind, it is truly comical to see you spiral down to the primordial ooze you really are. Your thoughts aren't complex, your arguments aren't insightful, you two have devolved into something much less exciting but far more entertaining.

As far as betting, there aren't many more activities less juvenile than random wagers over the Internet. I showed you where you were wrong, but your failure to read leaves me with zero desire to revisit the argument. It is truly a waste of breath for me to argue with someone with your reading comprehension skills. I feel bad now even responding to you, because you are playing with a handicap. As far as put up or shut up, doesn't a double dog dare usually follow that request? Seriously, are you that immature? Christ, I thought I was the most immature person on this forum, but I shall resign my crown to you. Congratulations are in order coachcft. It isn't easy to do (being less mature than me) but you hae proven you will go the extra mile to be "that guy".