Is Brian Kelly a Bully?

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Is Brian Kelly a Bully?

Postby dabres » December 9th, 2011, 5:56 pm

Is Brian Kelly a bully? Is so, is he in good company? We can not go back to 1965, so we can not compare Brian Kelly to Ara. If he beats Florida State, will he still be a bully? If he goes 11 and 2 next year, beating USC along the way, will he still be a bully?
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Re: Is Brian Kelly a Bully?

Postby coach_kelly » December 9th, 2011, 6:26 pm

Please see the topic "Popular Myths" for the correct answer. It is under Myth 2. Time travel is not necessary.

Myth 2 Brian Kelly is a hothead and lacks character.

Brian Kelly is the most passionate coach that this program has seen since "Oh Holy Lou". He is putting the fire back into Notre Dame football and people want him to stop? People want him to be as complacent as Davie? As boring as Willingham? As snobbish and out of touch as Weis? I think we have the right guy fanning the flames. For years this program has been flat. Been without a leader. We are back. This man, this Brian Kelly will lead us to the promised land.

Brian Kelly may come off as a dick, but let me refresh your memory.

coach_kelly wrote:
It is almost comical that character can be used like a self righteous club when things aren't going your way. Beating your opponents over the head with the character club leaves them with no defense. It would be better served to just say that you don't like the person, but in the effort to make your extremist point of view, it must be character. That has to be it. The trouble with this as it applies to sports, is that some of the biggest jerks have been the most successful. Don't believe me? Let's run down the list -

Jim Brown was a great running back and a beater of women.
Don King is a name synonymous with boxing and winning - and being an ass.
Wilt Chamberlain - did he score more points or have more sex with different women? I can never remember.
George Steinbrenner is the quintessential ass. His picture is in the dictionary next to the word.
Dale Earnhardt Sr. was good at winning and being a dick.
Bobby Knight could coach as well as he could hurl objects across the court.
Ty Cobb set the standard for being a douche.
Michael Jordan has been an even bigger ass in retirement than anyone could have imagined. Only surpassing his in game douche-baggery by a slight margin.

That list of names is impressive by anyone's standard. If winning is your goal, then that is the list for you. Great at their sports and some of the shittiest characters you could hope to meet in life. I know, I know. This is about Notre Dame and their coach. Should we go there? I think so. Is that cries about the great Lou Holtz?

Lou Holtz was the last coach to bring a National Championship to Notre Dame. He also was followed by scandal and violations everywhere he went. Minnesota, Notre Dame, and South Carolina all got probation as a result of his coaching character. How quickly we forget that Notre Dame got 2 years as a result of his great character.

When you are winning a war almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise.

~ Winston Churchill

Brian Kelly was overlooked for quite a few head coaching jobs because of his character. He landed the Notre Dame job. People who knew him knew that he is an ass. At Grand Valley State he had to have security restrain him from his own fans. Michigan gave him a quick glance over but passed on him because he's too hot-headed. Notre Dame didn't pick this dude because he is a grower of pretty flowers. They picked him because he can coach and recruit. Getting rid of him for his character would be a bullshit reason because you knew what you were getting with this guy. He's a dick. Once he gets his players installed and the Weis recruits are gone, you will see why Notre Dame hired this guy. He is going to bring a National Championship to South Bend. He just isn't going to do it with half ass talent that Weis recruited. Is that a dickhead thing to say about your team? Yup. Expect anything more from Brian Kelly and you are a fool.
Brian Kelly is rebuilding Notre Dame. Charlie Weis almost destroyed Notre Dame. Once you remember these facts, the rest is petty bullshit.
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