BK - Wants JumboTron, Field Turf, and stadium excitement

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BK - Wants JumboTron, Field Turf, and stadium excitement

Postby ksirish81 » October 28th, 2011, 3:53 am

Guys and Gals.

1. how can BK "want" these things after a miserable season and not meeting expectations?
2. Maybe he should ask for velcro for players.
3. why the heck did he put Dayne Crist in the game on the clearly running play at the goal line? that was a serious error.
4. Jumbo Tron? Where on the north end zone to completely hide TD Jesus? Come on - get serious.

BK needs to focus on coaching up his players and not about the splash. Splash will come with victories and decisive play calling. Not by Jumbo Trons, field turf, and playing music over the PA system.

He needs to coach his players - not bitch that they are not "his" players and be blaming them for errors on the field. As a coach he gets very defensive when people questoin his abilities as a coach and molding players to be better players and play as a team

hope he learns quickly.
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Re: BK - Wants JumboTron, Field Turf, and stadium excitement

Postby algoldendomer » October 28th, 2011, 1:54 pm

Good post. I too hope he learns quickly.

The "bling" is not all that important. What is important is producing a well-prepared team that will execute as close to flawlessly as can be done. Spare us the "bling" comments, Coach.

We had enough "bling" from the last fraud, what will his superbowl rings and all. "9-3 is not good enough" (nor is 3-9, Chuck, but I digress). Both appear to suffer from the same malady - in love with themselves. Both need to learn humility. Love the woman on the Dome, and she will lead you to love her Son.

Humble guys don't need to blame. They don't need to throw their players under the bus out of fear for their own reputation. They don't need to lash out - they can remain calm in the heat of the battle. Players LOVE to play for a humble coach who they know has their back. A player will run through a brick wall for such a coach, a coach they trust and respect. Players will not give their all for a coach who can't be trusted 100% of the time. It's the same in corporations - great companies are run by humble, not-in-love-with-themselves, trustworthy CEOs.
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Re: BK - Wants JumboTron, Field Turf, and stadium excitement

Postby coachcft » October 28th, 2011, 11:07 pm

Agoldendomer.. well stated in your last paragraph. I mentioned this before either here on the site of with my friends about what I feel this future is with BK. ND football will have more wins under him than under Weis/Willingham/Davie, of this I am certain(although not a terribly tall task). The staff does know how to identify needs and thus far have filed important holes with a few more to fill. I dont even so much question his playing calling or defensive game plans(no one is perfect). In the area of football, I give a high mark.

But the overriding point is this. He is not a great leader and this cant be taught.

What he did with Carlo Calabrese last week was a perfect example of being worried about his reputation more so than his character just like agoldendomer said. If you look ahead a couple years, the freshman will be juniors, the incomings will be sophmores. Lynch a 6-6 285lb rocket off the edge, Tuitt playing like Nick FAirley, Ben Counsell(get to know that name) return pick 6 from the flat, and maybe a KEith MArshall sprinting to the house. But, like EVERY EVERY EVERY championship team, you will have your trying moments. Aubuen had its moment down 21 last year to Alabama. ND had its down 21 to BC with 9 mins to go vs BC. During these times, it has been shown to me that KElly will be using that time to think about "what went wrong? who can I blame in a subtle way?" rather than use his energy to be vulnerable and REVERSE its flow and show ourselves, NOTRE DAME, not him, but NOTRE DAME, to be worthy of a championship. And subsequently, we'll finish the year as the best 11-2 team in the land.

Upon watching something on youtube last night, I realized something important which I didnt have words for before. It was a quick interview of Lou Holtz immediately following Miami of '88. He virtually deflected any credit John Dockery tried to give him and kept shaking his head in a polite and sincere manner as he credited the "spirit of Notre Dame". Brady Hoke did basically the same thing a month and a half ago citing a "great win for Michigan". Brian Kelly WANTS the credit, not all of it, just the lions share. And when he doesnt get it...well....
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Re: BK - Wants JumboTron, Field Turf, and stadium excitement

Postby coach_kelly » October 30th, 2011, 4:44 am

This is the same sad regurgitated garbage. Small minded people in a big bad world. I hope you find your path soon. Brian Kelly is the best coach to step foot on this campus since Holtz. You people need to get a clue.
Brian Kelly is rebuilding Notre Dame. Charlie Weis almost destroyed Notre Dame. Once you remember these facts, the rest is petty bullshit.
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