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Football stadium renovation comments

Postby algoldendomer » January 29th, 2014, 6:50 pm

I think the football stadium renovations are revolting.

It's like ND is saying that we want the revenue from premium seating but we're too esteemed academically to actually build premium seating so we'll go through the charade of building "much needed" academic buildings (to expand the Anthropology Dept - it's about time!) on which we'll build open "club seating" on the top two floors. Too bad Father Jenkins is too impressed with himself that he can't take five minutes to examine his and his University's real motives here. It's all about self-glorification, but not on the football field. We want the money from football but we're going to hide the damn football stadium so nobody knows it's there behind these ugly layer cake buildings we're going to put up. In the meantime ND cries too poor to fight the HHS Mandate and seems to have totally rejected Pope Francis' call for a poor and humble Church.

Oh, and Fr. Jenkins - all your rich donors are gonna freeze their asses off in open-air "club seating" that high up and away from the playing surface. Nice architectural planning, that.
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