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Notre Dame should DROP men's basketball

PostPosted: November 18th, 2013, 3:25 pm
by algoldendomer
Sorry to hijack this board, but folks do come here to peruse our bitching (mostly mine, it appears).

In any event, I was at that horrific Indiana State game yesterday - me and about 4000 other fools. The blue seats outnumbered the fannies, and the student section was half full and that includes the band. PATHETIC.

If ND isn't going to support men's basketball, and that means students, faculty, staff, alumni and townies, then why play men's basketball? Drop the damn sport.

And the on-court performance? ND is no closer to a final four now than when Mike Brey came to South Bend. I'm not sure it's his fault, what with the lackluster support and lack of facilities and inability to recruit athletic (translated - African American) players due to academic standards (are there any excuses I've missed?). But it's a fact - men's basketball is horrendous.

What the F is the matter with ND that the two marquee sports, men's football and men's basketball, are so mediocre (12-1 with the bowl slaughter last year included)? Men's soccer? #1. Hockey - probably #3 or 4 this week. Women's basketball? 3 straight final fours. Women's soccer? NC contenders every year.

It's the sports that require testosterone that ND seems deficient in (sorry hockey you're the exception). Maybe it's all ND's "Gender confusion" (see the "gender identity" workshop a couple weeks ago) and Vagina Monologues that have neutered a once-great, manly institution.

Re: Notre Dame should DROP men's basketball

PostPosted: January 16th, 2014, 3:09 am
by NDAyers
Tonight was another pathetic example of our basketball program. I'm glad I found this site. You have to be a homer every where else. If Swarbrick would actually care about the men's team he would call Brey into his office and tell him to have his players practice free throws.

Re: Notre Dame should DROP men's basketball

PostPosted: January 16th, 2014, 4:03 pm
by algoldendomer
Good post, Ayers.

But don't you know it's our crappy basketball FACILITIES that are to blame for our crappy free throw shooting? Who can practice free throw shooting in a shit hole practice facility?

There's NEVER any blame to lay at the feet of Mike Brey on those sites you allude to. is available and if I weren't so dang cheap and if I knew how to program a website that allows comments like this one does, I'd buy it. Apparently Bonger and his ilk are too cheap anymore to maintain those sites, which they claim to have bought up.

Re: Notre Dame should DROP men's basketball

PostPosted: January 16th, 2014, 6:54 pm
by NDAyers
I guess Jack would rather put an embarrassing product on the floor with national TV cameras all over the place instead of fund raising for the bball team. Brey is such a piss poor coach that we are stuck with so the admin might as well get the team a new practice facility. It's the only way to possibly get some big time recruits interested. Jack just puts all his eggs in the one football basket and lets the other big time sport people care about go down the drain. It's not a smart strategy considering Kelly will always be an 8-4 coach. Why not put forth an effort to make the ND men's basketball team a constant in the sweet 16 mix?