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Tis the season

PostPosted: August 31st, 2012, 7:24 pm
by coachcft
We are less than 24 hours away from not just kickoff, not even game's end, but from the time that opinions can at least start to be formed about how we have changed from last Jan 1st until the present day. Here are the questions that confront the Irish:

How were the coaching changes and the sideline chemistry?
How are the veterans stepping into bigger leadership roles?
How are the young players progressing?
What will we see differently?

While the dust had long settled for me, I still do believe that ND and specifically this coaching regime must cash in on some clout this very year. Yes the schedule IS very tough. But what was left to slip away last year needs to be made up at some point to seize and even gain the momentum to take this to the plain we wish to get to. The recruiting class of 2013 (so far an excellent one) will be watching closely to see how we do and much hangs in the balance there. I will not put an amount of wins nor losses on a successful/unsuccessful year. It will be a general feel for the "mood" of the program. But I will say that I think I will need to see every game competitive and close at least midway through the 4th quarter in every game. We will accept one "WTH?" type of upset as long as it is accompanied by a positive "WTH?!!! :) " type game.

Good luck IRISH, I hope to NOT be posting in here if you know what I mean.